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Earn More With The Project Development Plan

The Buildsters are reaching out to all the real estate agents in our network about a potential partnership.

With how insane the market is right now, we have come up with a creative solution to capitalize on all of the opportunities out there in a way where everyone wins (Homeowner, real estate agent, and contractor). The process is simple, we are partnering with agents who have clients who need to sell but have a home that may not be in the best sellable condition, and that’s where we come in.

We establish a base price of the home in its current condition, provide the cash necessary to remodel the property (no money out of pocket for the homeowner) to get it to an ARV based upon the comps in the area and then split the profits 50-50 with the homeowner and pay you, the agent, 10% of our cut. For a basic example, if your client has a house that is currently worth 400k but you know that houses in the area are selling for 600k, we will provide 100k to bring the value up and when the house sells we will split the extra 100k in profits with the homeowner and pay you 10% of our cut, in this case, $5,000.

As soon as the agreement is signed with the homeowner, your job as an agent is done until the house is ready to sell. We begin by scanning the house to create a 3D model of the property that allows us to build a design, scope of work, materials list and create a home diagnostic so we know exactly what needs to be done (we call this the Project Development Plan).

The PDP is a stand alone product that we sell for every construction project we do and I have explained that down below. After the PDP is created, we use our vetted contractors within The Buildsters network to get the job done as quickly as possible and ready for the market. Because the PDP provides such extensive information and the design looks absolutely incredible, we have seen the agents within our network begin marketing the home before the construction is even completed, so that we can sell it as quickly as possible.

Please see testimonial from one of our agents, Alicia Castleman with White Line Realty:

The Project Development Plan’s purpose is to be the first step in every single home improvement project. In layman terms, the PDP is a package that includes a 3D VR design, 2D plans, a scope of work, material list, and home diagnostic.

The value of this to homeowners is that it allows for full transparency of every project between the homeowner and the contractor, it eliminates change orders and extra costs that are added on throughout most construction projects because all the details are laid out front. Check out an example below.

Why The Project Development Plan?

The Buildsters + Multitaskr created the Project Development Plan to remove uncertainty from projects and connect homeowners with top-notch contractors in your area and budget.

2D Floor Plans

3D & Virtual Reality

Virtual Floor Plans

Scope of Work

2D Floor Plans

Get a clear layout of your project, including where the doors, furniture, windows, and stairs are located.

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3D & Virtual Reality

Tour your project in 3D using virtual reality googles to preview before construction and make design edits without change orders.

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Virtual Floor Plans

Check out your project’s before and after views with our Matterport camera that scans your entire property.

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Check Out More Examples Here

Scope of Work

Compare bids with local contractors using your project’s estimate, including accurate measurements, material, labor, overhead, and profit.

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Click Here to View an Example

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does the PDP Include?

2D Floor Plans, 3D & Virtual Reality, Virtual Floor Plans, and the Scope of Work.

What’s The Cost of the Project Development Plan?

Project Development Plans are currently $3,500.

What’s the Expected Delivery Time?

It takes approximately 10-15 days to create a PDP.

How Long Will My Personal PDP Delivery Page Be Available?

The hosting of your delivery page will be available for 3-6 months. We encourage you to download the files you need as soon as possible.

Can I See an Example?

Here is a mockup for the delivery link you’ll receive once it is finished.

What If I Am in a Different State?

We are currently serving California, Texas, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon. If you are in another state and interested in our services please contact us at: / (619) 404-3086

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