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The Project Development Plan

The future of home renovation is here!  Our PDP allows you to see your home with a 360 degree view, allowing you to visualize the renovations before they are even done! With the 3D design and scope of work, you and your contractor will be on the exact same page, and you will avoid any surprises when it comes time for construction. This is the only way to ensure you will get exactly what you want at a guaranteed price.

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The PDP includes:

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Project Preparation Plan

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Project Development Plan

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Why The Project Development Plan?

The Buildsters + Multitaskr created the Project Development Plan to remove uncertainty from projects and connect homeowners with top-notch contractors in your area and budget.

2D Floor Plans

Virtual Floor Plans

3D & Virtual Reality

Scope of Work

Project Management

2D Floor Plans

Get a clear layout of your project, including where the doors, furniture, windows, and stairs are located.

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Virtual Floor Plans

Check out your project’s before and after views with our Matterport camera that scans your entire property.

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3D & Virtual Reality

Tour your project in 3D using virtual reality googles to preview before construction and make design edits without change orders.

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Scope of Work

Compare bids with local contractors using your project’s estimate, including accurate measurements, material, labor, overhead, and profit.

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Project Management

Project management is an optional aspect of the PDP but could be the most valuable asset. We’ll handle your project from start to finish from the fund control to the permitting, as well as give you assess to our project management portal.

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The Process:

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does the PDP Include?

2D Floor Plans, 3D & Virtual Reality, Virtual Floor Plans, and the Scope of Work.

What’s The Cost of the Project Development Plan?

Project Development Plans vary in price depending on the project.

What’s the Expected Delivery Time?

It takes approximately 10-15 days to create a PDP.

How Long Will My Personal PDP Delivery Page Be Available?

The hosting of your delivery page will be available for 3-6 months. We encourage you to download the files you need as soon as possible.

Can I See an Example?

Here is a mockup for the delivery link you’ll receive once it is finished.


What If I Am in a Different State?

We are currently serving California, Texas, Nevada, Arizona, Oregon, Utah, and New York but we are looking for opportunities to expand nationwide so please don’t hesitate to contact us to help get you started on your project.

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PDP Testimonials

The Buildsters and the PDP made it easy for me to find the perfect contractor and to be able to provide them with everything they needed to complete my backyard remodel.
Steve Richardson
Steve RichardsonHomeowner
If you’re looking to remodel any aspect of your home, the Project Development Plan and The Buildsters are the way to go if you want your project completed correctly.
Nancy Larin
Nancy LarinHomeowner
The PDP took care of everything I needed. It allowed me to grow my business, gain more revenue, and do so much more. If you’re a contractor, you really need to be using PDPs.
Jose Ortega
Jose OrtegaContractor
Everything that the PDP provides is everything you need to complete the project. It takes a lot of the work off of my hands and my team and I are able to focus on the work and customer.
Edgar Rosales
Edgar RosalesContractor

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