Socal Softwash – Roof Work

Our safe and effective soft wash method utilizes low pressurized water and biodegradable chemicals and surfactants that clean, treat, and remove organic growth and buildup at the source, giving up to 5x the longevity of a clean surface to mere ‘water washing’; without the potential of damage that can be caused by traditional pressure washing. Here […]

Introducing Buildster Pro Member – CyberDyne Solar

If your current system is not producing as it should, we can replace your old system with a new one! 🔥➡️ We removed a customers old system and replaced it with a brand new 8 KW 25 panel system in El Cajon.🙌🏼

If You’re Considering Getting Solar the Time Is Now!

With Utility rates going up, and the 30 % federal tax credit decreasing in 2020, right now you get the best opportunity to save! We offer the best equipment at the lowest price. So give us a call and let’s get you set up to start saving now! #cyberdynesolar #gosolar♻️♻️♻️♻️