What Is a Project Development Plan (PDP)?

In this video, Derek Clelan, CMO and Co-Founder of The Buildsters will take you through exact what you’ll get what you purchase a PDP. Below you’ll find the examples and content that he works through in this video so you can check it out for yourself! 2D Floor Plans Get a clear layout of your […]

PDP Testimonial – Alicia Castleman (Realtor)

This house belongs to clients of mine who moved out for unfortunate reasons and they need to sell their house but their house is not in sell able condition. They were unable to the work so ReUp has stepped in and they have done a complete bill of materials. They’ve worked with my clients and […]

Multitaskr + The Buildsters Join Forces to Improve the Construction Industry

As the demand for construction continues to rise for homeowners and contractors, new tech-driven solutions will remove uncertainty from all projects. Multitaskr and The Buildsters have announced a new partnership to empower homeowners and contractors with tech-driven construction solutions that make home improvement projects easier to tackle. The Buildsters, founded in 2020 by John Cefalu […]