Case Study

Check out some our most recent results for clients like you!

Mile High Fishing Charters

See how we took a charter company and not only doubled sales, but automated the system to save 12 hours per week.

Luxe Vaca- Luxury Vacation Rentals

See how we quadrupled engagement, and worked with influencers to drive giveaways to build and email list for campaign growth of 24%.

City Council- Political Campaign

Take a look at how we used our system to automate meeting schedules and get a local city council member elected.

G-Pro Construction

A very successful construction company was still doing everything with paper and log books, see how we opened the schedule for 24 additional jobs and grew their online presence by 1,000%

G-Pro Snow Removal

G-Pro had a scattered client base that waited until the last minute to book clients, we automated there system, built a backend client portal, and had their schedule completely booked at 20% more revenue before the season began.

The Buildsters

See how our Founder built an online brand to have 400k+ Instagram followers, 50k TikTok followers, and 2,500 youtube subscribers leading to over $300k in sponsorship/ad revenue.

Why You Should Choose Us

Digital marketing is more than advertising and social media, it is posting content that boosts your brand, having a backend system to automate results, and analysis to utilize the right campaign.

Likes mean nothing without follows, follows mean nothing without clicks, clicks mean nothing without engagement, engagement means nothing with conversion, conversion means nothing without follow up. The C-Group turns your company into a well oiled machine that uses ads as a secondary measure for success and guaranteed results. 

Results or Your Money Back

In our discovery call we will set metrics and benchmarks that if we don't hit, you not only keep the assets that we've made, but you get your money back.

Automation > Sales

Your most valuable asset is your time, and as great as sales are, research shows that the more sales you get the more bogged down in fulfillment you become and the less sales you achieve long term. Automate your system and sell on a schedule so that even when you are fulfilling you are also selling.