This house belongs to clients of mine who moved out for unfortunate reasons and they need to sell their house but their house is not in sell able condition.

They were unable to the work so ReUp has stepped in and they have done a complete bill of materials. They’ve worked with my clients and made them comfortable with the work that they’re going to be doing. They’ve done a 3D scan so my clients can literally walk through what their house is going to look like before they put it on the market which is really fantastic.

They have a ton of confidence in what is going on. We’ve got a great contractor who’s coming in who is going to be taking pictures throughout the process so that my clients will have updates as we go.Then we’re going to get in on the market and get it sold quick because it is going to be the best house in the neighborhood. So you really can’t go wrong partnering up with ReUp.

This is not my first one so I’m not out here telling you “Hey we really don’t know what these guys can do.” This is my second house with ReUp and everybody has a lot of confidence, high energy, and they are all positive people who want to work with you to make your business better!

-Alicia Castleman

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