We’ve answered questions about the Ranger fire pit from Solo Stove and today, we’re going to be answering the most frequently asked questions about the Bonfire! Before Bonfire, we used to collect logs, kindle the fire, hope it didn’t flame out, and let it burn for 10 hours. Find out how the Bonfire has changed the game!

How Does the Bonfire Solo Stove Work?

The Bonfire Solo Stove works in the same way as the Ranger. The Ranger is basically the small size version of the Bonfire so you will notice quite a few similarities in the answers to these questions and the answers in the our Ranger Solo Stove FAQ.

1. Airflow

Rising hot air, and the absence of oxygen created by the combustion process, pulls air through the bottom vent holes. This air movement fuels the fire at its base while also providing a boost of preheated air through the vent holes at the top of the burn chamber.

2. Ash Pan

Catches loose ash and prevents it from clogging vital airflow. The ash pan also acts as a heat shield and reduces the heat transfer from your Bonfire to the ground beneath it.

3. Precision Base Plate

Catches loose ash and prevents it from clogging vital airflow. The ash pan also acts as a heat shield and reduces the heat transfer from your Bonfire to the ground beneath it.

4. Secondary Burn

Vent holes near the top of the burn chamber allow preheated oxygen to fuel the flame resulting in a more complete combustion and a hotter fire with less smoke.

5. Fire Ring

The fire ring is formed from a single piece of 304 stainless steel, deep drawn with precision tooling and hand polished. The fire ring is designed to keep the fire centered and even. It sits securely on the top and when turned upside down, nests inside for simple storage.

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How Does the Bonfire Solo Stove Work?

The Bonfire works great in a backyard or take it with you to your car camping site.

Do I Need to Purchase Any Accessories?

No, your fire pit is ready to use with just wood. However, we do offer several accessories to make your experience even better.

Does the Bonfire Come With a Cover?

No. Your Bonfire comes with a black, nylon carrying case. Bonfire Shelter, an all weather cover, may be purchased separately if you would like to leave your Bonfire outside.

How Heavy Is the Bonfire?

20 lbs.

Could the Price Be Lower?

Our focus from day 1 has been to craft the world’s highest quality fire pit. Something that would last a lifetime. So we use the absolute best materials and highest levels of craftsmanship.

How Do I Cook on the Bonfire?

The Bonfire was designed to be used as a backyard fire pit, helping you gather friends and family. Feel free to break out the marshmallows and hot dogs or other fire pit friendly food!

What’s the Difference Between the Solo Stove Lite, Titan and Campfire vs the Bonfire and Other Fire Pits?

The Solo Stove Lite, Titan and Campfire are more portable backpacking and camping stoves meant for cooking. The Bonfire is the most amazing backyard fire pit and was designed to accommodate larger groups who enjoy sitting around a beautiful, smoke free flame.

What Wood Types Do You Recommend Using as Fuel?

Any firewood logs will burn but for optimum efficiency we recommend dry hard woods. Hardwoods such as birch, maple, hickory and oak will burn longer than softwoods.

How Many Logs Should I Use?

We recommend using 4-6 logs up to 16″ long. Don’t overfill your Bonfire. Once you have a hot bed of embers, you can always throw on more logs. To minimize smoke and optimize your flame, don’t fill the wood above the holes at the top of the fire pit.

How Do I Clean and Store My Bonfire?

After your Bonfire is cool, turn it upside down to empty any remaining ashes left in your stove. Keep your Bonfire in a cool and dry place when not in use. It’s that easy!

Will My Bonfire Be Hot When in Use?

YES! Do not touch any part of the Bonfire when in use. It will be extremely hot. Children should always be under parental supervision when around the Bonfire. Use common sense and treat the Bonfire like any other fire.

Can You Place the Bonfire in an Existing Fire Pit?

Yes, however we recommend 2+ inches of clearance around the unit for proper ventilation.

Can I Burn It on a Wood Deck?

You are required to use the Stand when burning on a wood deck. As long as you use the Stand, heat transfer is minimized and it is safe on most any surface.

Where Can I Buy a Solo Stove Bonfire?

If you’re looking to buy anything from Solo Stove, click the link below and it’ll take you directly to their site where you can purchase any of their great products.

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