Before Bonfire, we used to collect logs, kindle the fire, hope it didnu2019t flame out, and let it burn for 10 hours. Is there a better way?

Congrats, youu2019ve discovered Bonfire, our best-selling smokeless portable fire pit. Join thousands of others who are creating lasting memories. Yes, thousands!

Our Signature 360u00b0 Airflow Designu2122 does something youu2019ve never seen before in a fire pit. Details lower on page.

4th of July Sale: Get $120 off your Bonfire purchase for a limited time!u00a0

Solo Stove Bonfire Details

No one wants to constantly dodge campfire smoke and have their clothes and hair smell for hours after. Our design philosophy is all about maximizing the joy of the moment. Our Signature 360u00b0 Airflow Designu2122 creates a super efficient burn thatu2019s not only mesmerizing to watch but a joy to sit around and make memories.


Strategically placed holes in the double-wall structure draw in air from the bottom and feed the heated oxygen to the top, resulting in a spectacular secondary burn. The best part? Nearly no smoke and minimal ash left to clean!

u201cIt was every bit as simple as everyone says. My kids love it, I love it, and my only regret is not getting it sooner.u201d u2014 George
u201cThe masterfully ingenious design allows for incredibly simple to light and flawless burning that requires virtually no tending other than adding additional logs. . . The Solo Stove Bonfire IS THE PERFECT SOLUTION to anyone seeking to invest in a quality fire pit.u201d u2014 Larry

Did we mention free shipping and free returns? If Bonfire isnu2019t the best fire pit ever, send it back and weu2019ll send you a FREE prepaid return label (We donu2019t think you will want to though). Return within 30 days for a full refund. Customers shipping from the outside the contiguous United States (Alaska & Hawaii) are responsible for return shipping costs.

Bonfire Fire Pit Reviews

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