As the demand for construction continues to rise for homeowners and contractors, new tech-driven solutions will remove uncertainty from all projects.

Multitaskr and The Buildsters have announced a new partnership to empower homeowners and contractors with tech-driven construction solutions that make home improvement projects easier to tackle.

The Buildsters, founded in 2020 by John Cefalu and Derek Clelan, is a network platform that helps homeowners overcome construction and real estate challenges. With a similar vision to Multitaskr, The Buildsters are unique because they manage and connect a network of the best contractors providing homeowners with top-notch services.

The Buildsters Show

The new partnership will launch the first-ever home improvement television show out of San Diego, California. The show will feature two American personality television stars, Hannah Godwin and Dylan Barbour. Both stars are formerly known for their appearances on The Bachelor (Hannah: Season 23), The Bachelorette (Dylan: Season 15), and Bachelor in Paradise (Hannah & Dylan: Season 6). The famous couple became known for their love story, falling in love on Bachelor In Paradise. They got engaged in the finale episode.

Today Hannah Godwin can be seen on Instagram as a lifestyle blogger influencing all generations with her sense of fashion and sharing her and Dylan’s journey as new homeowners. The young couple purchased a home in La Jolla, CA, in fall 2020.

Multitaskr recently re-created the couple’s outdoor living space in 3D, enabling them to envision their new landscape in virtual reality before construction. Hannah and Dylan are eager to see their unique landscape, a new outdoor space to entertain year-round with a pergola, lounge and TV area, outdoor kitchen, a jacuzzi, sun chairs, bar area, and turf.

Introducing The Project Development Plan (PDP)

The new partnership with The Buildsters will remove uncertainty from projects and create transparency between all parties involved in the construction process using the Project Development Plan. The Project Development Plan or PDP is a construction bundle that establishes the foundation for any project using 2D floor plans, a 3D model, virtual reality, and a project estimate. Also included in the PDP is the detailed scope of work for the contractor with the homeowner’s clear expectations. This bundle can be used to work with any contractor. However, your Project Development Plan will include a list of the top contractors in your area and within your budget.

The Project Development Plan will reduce change orders and avoid project delays for homeowners. Any licensed contractor can join The Buildsters network of service pros and access high-paying quality jobs. Never struggle again as a homeowner or contractor. The PDP will also prevent miscommunication; everything you need is in writing and keeps construction honest.

Join thousands of homeowners and contractors who save time and money knowing precisely what they’re getting regarding their construction projects. Get your Project Development Plan here.

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