With the GoPro HERO9 FiftyFifty Dome you can record amazing shots under water. When diving shallow, the dome provides a 30% wider field of view for a truly expansive image. Waterproof up to 10m, the marine-grade build is ready to take on all of your dive adventures.

The next set of filters are the Shutter Collection, a three pack of high density neutral filters designed to be used when you are shooting in harsh light situations. Think of them as sunglasses for your GoPro Hero9.

The final filter kit for your GoPro Hero9 is the DiveMaster Black Protective Housing. The GoPro Hero9 Black Protective Housing produces vibrant colors to your footage when diving in a mixed array of various colored waters. Elevate your content to the next level with all three of polar pros products for your GoPro Hero9.u00a0

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