Many customers in today’s day and age use as a way to decide which business to use.  Yelp attracts over 50 million users per month, each of whom are looking for influence on where to go for their next meal, who to hire for their next home project, and so on.  A negative review can be the difference between someone choosing you to give their business to or to go elsewhere.  When looking for a new construction or landscaping company to complete your project, use yelp with caution because there are many reasons as to why it is an untrustworthy site.

Business owners can first off create fake accounts on yelp to write false reviews on their product or service.  If an untrustworthy business has a lot of bad reviews from actual customers, they can just have their employees make fake accounts and write reviews hyping up their company to make it seem better than it actually is.  When you login to yelp and search a business, there is literally no way to distinguish whether or not the review is real or fake.    Another problem with yelp is that a customer can have one bad experience with a company and just rip that company to shreds.  However, just because one customer is an ass doesn’t mean that the business itself is bad.  

Especially in the construction and landscaping industry, I advise to use yelp with caution.  While some reviews can be useful, a lot of the time Yelp can be a complete business scam.  Anyone can make a post on yelp, and with enough effort, anyone can become an ‘elite yelper.’  Because of this, I believe that yelp will eventually fail as a company in the near future. 

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