The U.S construction industry is a $2 trillion a year business. Constructionis an important sector that contributes greatly in the economic growth of a nation. While the vast majority of the construction world is comprised of small businesses, giant companies like Home Advisor seek to take advantage of small businesses and their need for continual leads and business. 

Business at its core is providing goods or services in exchange for a profit. A mutually beneficial transaction, this is how business should be conducted, this was the intent of capitalism. Unfortunately, when companies monopolize and become too big, the hard working and deserving entrepreneurs, customers and business owners suffer. Businesses have lost their way. Instead of priding themselves on the quality of service, they became greedy. 

As a homeowner you expect the best for your property. You want the contractor or service provider you hire to been vetted, qualified, and trusted. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Instead of providing qualified companies to step foot into your home, you get to roll the dice, “I hope I get an accurate quote, I hope I can trust this contractor to step foot inside my home with my family, I hope the job gets done the right way.” From personal experience the vetting process to get onto Home Advisor is easier than getting accepted into a Soul Cycle weekend class. 

The Buildster’s Program is created for contractors by contractors with keeping the homeowner experience paramount. Instead of paying per lead, we built a subscription based service. Not only do we personally qualify these companies, but we take responsibility for their work. We pride ourselves on vetting the best. To achieve the “Buildster” status means something. We have created a culture and a movement that promotes business done the right way. Build on.

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