It’s a brisk morning in San Diego. The sun is starting to shine but 62 degrees in San Diego is absolutely freezing for this city. I look to my right, a water cup sits eloquently on my nightstand. I reach for it, slightly out of grasp, I continue on knowing I need this. I feel as though I’m more dehydrated than a 2006-2007 LeBron James (absolutely carrying the team on my back). It’s empty. The cup is empty. Devastating.

I walk upstairs to the kitchen, my three story townhouse in Pacific Beach is feeling frigid as my roommate left the window open. Classic. I reach for the Keurig, begin the warming process, of course, the water hasn’t been refilled. Classic, again. I refill the sink to refill the Keurig water apparatus. I flip the sink on to find black water absolutely pumping out of the sink. A devastating blow for 6:45 in the morning.

I need a plumber. The millennial in me checks Instagram and hashtag searches #sandiegoplumber. I find Perry Plumbing and Pipelining. There’s a face to the name, a catchy Instagram video sold me on the company. I find their contact info via Instagram and have their company out to my townhouse within a few hours.

Whether you want to admit it or not social media has changed the game. It’s a tough truth for some to accept but it’s either you adapt to the changing times or watch your company lose to the competition. Not only is it reasonably priced to invest in social media for your company, it’s easy. Take the time. Reach out to a Buildster today. Let’s get you there.

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